Pamban channel

We are the authorised clearing agents for Pamban Channel By TAMILNADU MARITIME BOARD

Pamban Bridge

Pamban Bridge (image courtesy Wikipedia)

The Pamban channel lies between the mainland India and Rameswaram Island, over which a 2.3 km long Pamban Bridge is constructed.

The bridge refers to both the cantilever railway bridge and two-lane Road Bridge which is the longest sea bridge in India .The Railway Bridge is 6,776 ft (2,065m) which is functioning double-leaf Bascule Bridge. Until recently, the two leaves of the bridge were opened manually using levers by workers.

More than 10 ships – cargo carriers, coast guard ships, fishing vessels and oil tankers – pass through the bridge every month.

Pamban Port Regulations

It is a strict rule and regulation that the Vessels/Tugs/Barges Must get an approvel from the port office before they start their voyage. This is done by sending their proper documents threw Email. Once the documents are checked and verified by the Port officer, he/she will issue the permission to pass the pamban channel.Without getting the approval, its not advisable to start your voyage. In this way you can reduce the unnecessary circumstances of waiting at the pamban waters for clearance. In worst situations, you may be asked to go around Sri Lanka.

Technical Constraints

Pamban Channel

Pamban Channel ( image courtesy Google Maps)

Crossing the channel is not as simple as it may seem to appear. There are many technical constraints that need to be considered before getting into action.

  • The channel is a very complicated one with a depth of merely around 2.5 meters.
  • It is a very narrow channel and has a very crooked passage.

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  • Both the sides of the channel have very shallow waters making it difficult for someone new to pilot the ship through it.
  • No Vessel / Barge can pass the channel without opening the Pamban Railway Bridge.
  • Port clearance and Immigration Clearance has to be received to open the Pamban Bridge.
  • Pamban Bridge is not opened on Saturdays & Sundays.
  • Pamban Bridge is not opened if there is a weather warning.
  • Depending on the vessel’s draft, the passage might have to be scheduled on a high tide

Financial Expense

Due to such factors, there are certain financial implications at hand as well.
In order to get Port / Immigration clearance, an executive from the concerned company would ordinarily rush to Pamban. He/she may have to stay for more than a day and may face difficulty getting things done due to an unfamiliar place. Also the Travel Expense (Flight/Train charge) and Accommodation Expense (Hotel Charge) and local transportation charge of the executive would cost more for the company.

The Madhu Boats Advantage

Our clients have an edge over the others as we assist them with a hassle free passage. Madhu Boats takes care of all that needs to be done for a Vessel or Barge to pass through the channel. Right from getting the Port / Immigration clearance to taking the Barge/ Vessel safely through the channel, Madhu Boats does it all for a very reasonable services charge. And you can be assured that this would be done quickly and efficiently without even the need for anyone from the company coming to Pamban just for this sake. Just send all the required documents to us, by post, on time.