About Us

Proprietor of Madhuboats

Michael Dass Fernando - Proprietor

The founder of MadhuBoats is A. Michael Dass Fernando (Proprietor) who is a well-known person in Rameswaram Island. He is a fisherman by trade and is also the Managing director of Holy island Fisheries Pvt Ltd which deals with Trawler/Boat business since 1986.

Madhuboats has its own fleet of Boats and Trawlers that are ready for hire. Upart from this, we provide services like water, fuel, provisions and other essential products  to the vessels/barges which are at offsore. Madhuboats was also created to help  Barges & Vessels to pass the Pamban channel easily and safely.

Madhuboats has supplied/supplying its Boats and Trawlers to the Dredging corpration of India for the development of the historic “Sethusamuthram Project“. It has also helped in supplying Boats/Trawlers to compines like Relaiance, Hindustan oil Explorisation, Fugro and Comaco which are one of the leading India’s Ocean Explorers. Madhuboats is always keen in its contribution its  towards the welfare our nation “INDIA”

Madhuboats has its own well Experienced & Trained Team to handle all the task  that are done in the ocean. Each member knows more about the ocean like the back of their hand since they’ve spent their life right from their childhood in these waters.

Think of Rameswaram, Think of us!